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(Finnish for a finger snap to the ear!)

Patrick Niemisto and Norm Wheeler present songs, stories, poems, and fun. Gathering together years of performing experience, one as a singer/songwriter (with New Third Coast and Eino Sunshine), and the other as a storyteller/poet (with the Beach Bards), Patrick Niemisto and Norm Wheeler create a tag-team grab bag of family & children's entertainment. From Woodie Guthrie and Bill Staines to J. W. Riley and Dr. Seuss, Patrick and Norm layer classical and original material to show you a magical world of sneetches and goblins, skunks and hoboes, shipwrecked sailors, grown-ups in the sauna, and kids with dirty rooms. With laughs and pathos these two affable entertainers promise to delight audiences of all ages. Luunappi is great for backyard bonfires, birthday parties, family gatherings, after-dinner entertainment, any gathering where people want to guffaw and singalong.